We acknowledge that churches, businesses, and nonprofit organizations can successfully assist government agencies in providing support to residents if they are willing to evaluate their organization’s approach to community engagement and their members’ desire to become intimately involved in the life of the community. There must be a great connection among organizations and residents if there is to be true transformation. MBM, through The Great Connection, assists Maryland-based organizations in building relationships with stakeholders-families, schools, government agencies, private businesses, churches, and other nonprofits – in order to form a collective that works to address the social needs of communities. Not only do we provide comprehensive training, we also partner with local agencies to respond to needs.

Conducting Needs Assessment

Uniquely, we guide organizations in assessing and effectively responding to the distinctive needs of community members. We have experience engaging and supporting migrant and refugee communities as well as communities of residents who were born and raised in the United States. 

Evaluating an Organization’s Resources

When organizations decide to collectively respond to the needs of the community, it requires that they evaluate their own resources and determine their strenghts and weaknesses. In this way, each organization can make a valuable contribution ensuring there is no overlap or repetition of services provided.  

Program Information

Participants engage in a 6-session course on the following topics: 


This is a 6-session virtual intensive that meets weekly.  Each two-hour session requires independent/ collaborative work outside of the virtual classroom. The information session and the course are virtual. The webinar and classes are synchronous. Participation in community online forums are required.

Cost: $175 per person / $1500 for 10 or more from the same organization (Each add’l person-$150)

Summer 2022


We ended the month of July, with a team from the St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in Middleton, Wisconsin. We first met this great group of teens in 2018 when they served with MBM in the Govans Community. This year, twenty-three youth and six adults, came to Baltimore to serve the Washington Hill community and Merganthaler (MERVO) high school. It was a wonderful week of relationship building and service. This team of committed youth did renovations at the Miracle Church of Baltimore, helped homeowners with some DIY projects, served meals at Helping Up Mission, helped staff at the Ronald McDonald House, worked with students and staff to prepare for the upcoming school year and beautified the neighborhood. We are grateful for this relationship and look forward to them returning to Baltimore soon!

Support Orphaned and Vulnerable Children

Your contributions enable us to provide education to children
in Dominican Republic and Mexico. 
P.O. Box 302 ~ Reisterstown, MD 21136