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not orphans is an educational sponsorship program for orphaned and vulnerable children in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and La Haciendita, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Dominican Republic (DR) shares the island of Hispanola with the poorest country in the western hemisphere — Haiti. Many Haitian migrants have settled in the DR straining an already challenged economy. Many people have moved to this urban area in search of employment trying to escape the extreme poverty of the rural areas. La Haciendita is an ejido (village) of approximately 500 people in northern Mexico. Mexico is considered a middle-income country, yet the families of La Haciendita live in abject poverty.

Global Project- Informal Pop-Up School

In June 2021, we started an informal pop-up school in a settlement on the outskirts of Santo Domingo. This settlement is home to thousands of people – Haitian and Dominican- who have found themselves destitute living on less than a dollar a day. The settlements lacks infrastructure. Homes are made from scraps. There is no running water or electricity and there is NO SCHOOL. Many of the children in the settlement have never been to school or moved into this area within the last three years and have not been to school since their arrival. Last year, 62 students enrolled in the pop-up. This summer we had 75, but there was still a waiting list of hundreds. Currently, we are working with local leaders to determine the best way forward. The school had been housed in a rented facility in Monte de Olivo that costs $450 per month.  The monthly stipend for four teachers is $1000 and we spent $350 on supplies and materials.  It costs approximately $3600 to run the school monthly for 60-75 students.  

Ambassadors of Christ

 A few weeks after we met Nelson, he, along with 22 other children that lived in the children’s home in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic were kicked out of school.  The director of the orphanage could not afford to pay the school fees and the school could no longer allow the children to come without payment. As soon as we were notified, we began to share Nelson’s story and the  story of his friends with local families who wanted to help get the children back in school.  Since 2016, through an educational sponsorship program, we have sent him and all of the youth in the children’s home to school. Today, there are sixteen children in the home. At the start of each school year, we pay registration and testing fees, purchase uniforms, books, tablets and other supplies.  The monthly school expenses are approximately $725.

La Haciendita

 ​​In La Haciendita, Mexico, Grace, Aron, Jasson, Josue,  Esther and so many others needed laptops for virtual school. With the help of our sponsors, we purchased laptops and had them transported to Haciendita . This summer, thanks to one of our sponsrs, we were able to meet one of  our pressing goals of providing internet access to the school. During the pandemic, many children had to use cellphones as hotspots and that was a challenge as cell phone data usage can be expensive. Minimum wage is $8 per day. Internet access is a luxury in this community. Since 2019, we have been working with the Emilio Carranza School and the Lily of the Valley Church to improve the educational outcomes of the children in Haciendita.   

Support Orphaned and Vulnerable Children

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