Do you want to serve globally?


La Haciendita, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

 April 1- April 8, 2023 and June 24 – July 1, 2023

MBM ​​​​Provides Training to Build Global Awareness 

In order for organizations to do effective ministry, they must be globally aware. MBM is committed to preparing organizations to meet the needs of developing communities. We offer one-day seminars, six-week training modules, and resource materials to organizations. Organizations can receive training in areas from Cross Cultural Communications to Volunteer Management.  

Offers Global Service Trips/ Manage Trip Logistics/ Preparation

MBM offers global service opportunities to Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Teams serve alongside community members on projects that are sustainable and that will benefit the long-term development of the community. 

Why global service is important…


Learning has to precede authentic effective service.  We cannot serve until we first learn. We have to learn about the people and the communities in which they live before we can even think about “making a difference” Once we learn then we can serve.


When we serve we “look beyond our own needs and catapult the needs of others to the forefront. Engaging in acts of service reminds us that our greatest responsibility is to “others.”


Through relationship building, collaborative planning, educational and economic investments and grassroot activities, developing communities in global regions can begin to embrace sustainable growth.  To have experience GLOBAL SERVICE participants have to venture beyond the limits of their current lives.


Not only are we called to do this in our own “back yards” through local acts of SERVICE, but some are even called to serve developing communities globally.   In villages and small towns throughout the world, families are coping with the effects of limited social and economic resources. 

So much more to learn

The classroom only provides a portion of the knowledge that is available to every learner. There is so much more to learn about people and cultures; political and economic structures and educational and healthcare systems around the world.  When we fail to go beyond our places of familiarity, we miss opportunities to go beyond the single story and standard educational paradigms that have limited our growth and our ability to effectively respond to the demands of both local and global communities. 

We learn to serve and we serve to learn.

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